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To the moon! Dogemining with BFGMiner, Debian, and ATI.

Visitor from the future! Hello. I'm a newbie digger and recently setup my first dedicated mining box in Debian. I'm not the most experienced Linux user, but the machine had started with Debian Squeeze and I couldn't find its old Windows key. (Also please forgive formatting errors, I'm new to this whole "Reddit" thing as well.)
I found a number of guides to misdirect me on my way, so I decided to write up a sort-of (or at least hopefully up-to-date) guide to create a Dogecoin miner on Debian with AMD cards, using BFGMiner to mine coins.
Expert digging shibes: I would certainly appreciate feedback to improve this guide.
This is not a headless mining guide. I have not reached that level of mastery yet, though I believe it is well within reach.
You can refer to this wiki source to understand the output from BFGMiner 3.10.0. The one gotcha I've observed is that BFGMiner will happily start off showing hash rates in KHash/sec, and after the first accepted block it will jump to MHashes/sec. When I first saw my hash speed appear to drop from "250" to "0.2", I panicked a little before seeing it had changed its orders of magnitude.
If you think you're still mining slowly, you might need to bump up the intensity for BFGMiner. Higher intensity means more work, and it's possible to create hardware failures if you set it too high. For my HD 5870s, I use an intensity of 12. You can either set the intensity by adding "-I 12" to the ./bfgminer line of, or you can adjust the value by pressing M in BFGMiner and working through the menu system from there.
Bonus: Multiple cards
What happens if I have multiple ATI cards on one rig, you ask? I had the same problem, and OpenCL would only recognize one of them! It turns out that there's an easy solution, but it costs $1.25 in resistors from your local radio shack:
Plug the finished product from there into your second card. If you have more than two cards, you'll need to make one for every card you want to recognize without a monitor attached to it. Reboot and restart your mining, BFGMiner should recognize all of your cards now.
In theory, the above technique should allow you to run completely headless, as long as you also install SSH and be sure to have your script export DISPLAY=:0 before running BFGMiner. I haven't tried this, though.
Happy mining and welcome to the Moon! I hope this is helpful to someone.
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aticonfig --od-gettemperature # shows fan speed aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get fanspeed 0" # sets fan speed to 100% aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 100" # show current clockspeeds aticonfig --odgc # overclock core to 900Mhz, memory at 1200Mhz aticonfig --odsc=900,1200. example phoenix miner command line, desktop lag, high CPU usage, ~170 MH/s Before trying to overclock our GPUs, we must first determine the current frequencies of our cards. This is done with: aticonfig –odgc –adapter=all. We highlighted the values that you should look for - i.e. the frequencies of the GPU processor and Memory. You must increase the values incrementally, by 5-10 Mhz, until you reach the right balance. BIOS switch at "overclocked" position 1; with "aticonfig --odsc=900,1260" to further overclock the GPU to 900 MHz and mem to 1260 MHz, see source: 6990 : 802 -- 915 : 3072 : 2.3 : PCI-E 2.1 x16 : mrb's hdminer : BIOS switch at "overclocked" position 1; with "aticonfig --odsc=915,1260" to further overclock the GPU to 915 MHz and mem to 1260 MHz ... $ aticonfig –od-enable$ aticonfig –odsc, For example. to overclock at 800 for gpu, and 1000 for ram, on chips 0 and 1: $ aticonfig –odsc 800,1000 –adapter 0,1. Tip: Overclocking dual-GPU cards (e.g., ATI 5970) individually: Use –adapter=0,1 for first card, –adapter=2,3 for second card, etc. If using poclbm, can use -d n instead of DISPLAY=:n.n. Tip: To set fanspeed to 80: aticonfig ... Tem 25, 2020 5830, 5850, bitcoin, bitcoin mining, computer, linux, miner, mining, overclock, Radeon. I talk about my linux mining setup, how I’m getting 360mhps with stock voltage and 900/300 clocks. Pros and cons of windows vs linux Please, rate, like, favorite, … Details. By admin. Related Post. Free Bitcoin Mining How To Mine Bitcoin: How Bitcoin Mining Works ⛏ ⛏ J Tem, 2020 admin ...

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